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Living The Dream On Majestic

Majestic is a true bluewater cruising boat, built in South Africa and sailed across the Atlantic on her own hulls in 1999. This boat has never been in charter, and has been meticulously maintained full-time and continuously upgraded by her second owner of 20 years. This boat is solid, low maintenance, and set up to be off the grid in remote locations for months at a time. She is safe, comfortable, easy, fast, and versatile.

That's the technical stuff. Let me share what you won't find in a Google search.

We raised a family on Majestic and have enjoyed cruising and living on her for 2 happy, adventure-filled decades. We brought our babies home from the hospital to this boat and schooled them aboard from birth through high school. We have hosted many music jams and even an international cooking TV show. We've confidently taken our elderly parents sailing and sailed with a boat full of toddlers. We've cooked many full Thanksgiving dinners aboard, hosted countless dinner parties and loads of dinghy drive-in movie nights. If you listen closely you'll hear the happy echoes of guitar music and singing and giggling kids and even the quiet hush of a secluded anchorage. Rumor has it that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy have visited Majestic many times too.      


In short, Majestic is set up to live a full life afloat.

Our kids are grown now and it’s time to pass her along to new owners so she can keep sailing. We will be stepping off the boat directly from full-time Caribbean cruising, and a recent haul out for routine maintenance less than a year ago.


Majestic is truly ready to head right out to sea again, ready for a new crew to turn dreams into reality.

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